Why Search Engine Optimization?

Putting up a good website is no doubt a daunting task. A lot goes into putting it all together. A correct domain name apt for the content of the website is very important. After that a good looking template needs to be selected to give the website a suitable look. Every nook and corner of the web page has to be designed. ‘What goes where’ is decided in the planning and the implementation phase. The final outcome: a structured website that has a good CMS (content management system) to regularly update the website. The CMS is a tool that makes updating the website very simple. It is also very easy to maintain.

Once the website is launched many of us might feel that most of the job is done. But it is the other way round. Putting up a website is just a step ahead. No arguing there that a lot of investment has already been done. However it does not guarantee web traffic.

So what to do now? How to get hits on the website? How to pull prospective customers? How to sell products or services being offered on the website? These are the common questions haunting most website owners / bloggers. Application of a good search engine optimization technique is the solution. In simple words it means that having a website up and running is not enough. Others need to know that your website / blog exist. In order that the web spiders / google bots crawl into your website or blog, the content of the site has to be rich. A rich content is keyword specific. The keywords specified in the meta tag of your website has to be in alignment with the content of the web page. Also the sitemap should contain the title of the post in it.

A lot of search engine optimization softwares are available on the internet. SEO Elite is one such tool that will help enhance your website popularity. They claim to have helped thousands of top ranked google sites increase visibility on the internet.

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The Numismatist MBA Kulraj

coin collection
Not everyone can handle a full-time profession coupled with a personal commitment like a hobby; especially when the hobby is very creative. One’s hobby may not always generate as much revenue as one’s salary. However it would give a person the much needed creative satisfaction. Kulraj Singh is one such person who is thrilled with the blogging phenomenon. Kulraj is a numismatist.

In layman’s language Kulraj collects numismatic items, esp. coins. “Through my blog My coin collection I plan to provide comprehensive information on all coins,” says Mr. Singh. He further adds, “The blog would also contain other details such as the origin and the symbolism of the coins.”

Kulraj started collecting coins in mid 2008. Only recently in January 2009 he realized the potential of internet and launched a blog for his coin collection. “I post a byte on the coin collection blog everyday. I believe in doing so in the years to come, it will be the biggest site on coins in India.”

Academically strong, Kulraj strongly believes in the power of internet. He agrees that through internet knowledge can be spread across the globe by the click of a button. He says, “I use blog as a tool to express my views to the people across continents. As far as the coins blog is concerned, I find it the best way to showcase my coin collection. I also like the simplistic design of a blog and I prefer it over a website.” Kulraj receives a whopping 100 hits on his coin collection blog everyday.

Apart from collecting coins, Kulraj pens another blog by the name of The mind tree. Through this blog he would like to put forth his views, beliefs and his philosophy to his readers. Speaking about any recognition in the field of blogging Kulraj says, “As human beings, we are all hungry of recognition and appreciation from others for whatever we do. The appreciatory comments and mails that I receive is my award and my recognition.” As far as my goals are concerned he says, “I want to convert my coin collection blog into an encyclopaedia on coins and be renowned as a numismatist in India and abroad.”

The two key people treading the path of success together with Kulraj are:
Ravleen Kaur – Photographer.
Bhavraj Singh – Care taker of the coins.

Kulraj Singh has done his Bachelors of Technology from IP University. He has also earned an MBA degree from IMT Ghaziabad. Currently he works as a lecturer in IP University.

The iW2K team hopes lady luck enters Kulraj’s blog and makes him the most famous numismatist in the world.

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The Diabolic Preacher

“Initially I blogged for limited audience; I normally posted what I learnt in class while doing my BCA (Bachelor of Computer Application),” says the 25 year old Blogger. He calls himself Diabolic Preacher (DP). “I used to write a summary of what’s being done in class with a link to additional resources.”

An IT administrator by profession, this blogger started blogging with the idea of maintaining a log of what was taught in class. DP started blogging when he was18 years old. When asked why blogging, DP says, “Blogging is easy and maintenance is zero. I often use my tech articles as ‘How to’ references to help people. I write in a way that I’d like to read later on. I have learnt a lot about writing posts and how to improve upon the length.” He further adds, “When I blog, I put my thoughts in front of me and can think deeper about the topic. Additionally Freemind and Q10 are the best tools to write blog posts, they enable me to write meaningful stuff than what a personal blog might end up having.”

Being a part-time blogger, DP publishes most of his posts in the weekends. He says, “I may not publish articles on a regular basis but I take some time out on Saturdays and Sundays to author content, collect info and plan articles.” DP calls his blog Abusive views. Click here to go to his blog. Alternately you may click on the link as below:

Making money online does not excite the 25 year old blogger. “My content is all that I value on my blog, and I hope my readers agree with me,” says the IT administrator.

Comparing print medium and Blogging, DP says, “There’s a thing about opening the newspaper and stretching ones arms on the easy chair. Probably in the future Reporters would maintain blogs like those at IBN and many other news networks. There are some bloggers who write for the print medium as well. Although publishing with blogs is easier and faster. However it is not as accessible at the local level compared to the print medium.”

DP’s future goals are very succinct. He aims at a high technorati rank. He says, “Identifying and understanding the audience and improving the reader experience, while keeping my topics of interests at the fore are my primary goals.”

The IT Blogger is straight-forward and clear in his thoughts. “Never pretend to be what you can’t pretend to be,” says he. He further adds, “Laughter is the best medicine is the mantra of life.”

The iW2K team wishes this blogger all the success he deserves.

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Writing beautiful posts

Writing posts is not an easy job. It does not always guarantee you a better page rank. The quality of the content has to be precise and to the point. The readers do not appreciate a poorly written article.

In order to get traffic to your blog a well researched article has to be posted. The writer has to give something new to its readers every time he/she publishes a post.

Here are some tips to the writers to write good and successful posts:

Always read on the subject before you start writing: A better way to summarize a subject in the form of a post is to read a lot about the topic. Google the topic, search the newspapers and surf the television set. You might come across something new every time.

Read blogs that have a similar subject as yours: Often we come across blogs that are similar to ours. Let’s call these blogs the ‘familiar blogs.’ Derive the positives from the ‘familiar blogs’ and build on them.

Play a game for recreation: If you have reached your deadline and are not ready with a new post, what do you do? You tried a lot to write a new article but somehow were not able to get your acts together, don’t get nervous. Try reading the newspaper; pick up a book and start reading. Play a game and relax. Give your mind a break before you start writing again. Remember write quality posts. Crappy and regular posts do not give you a better page rank.

Meditate to clear your thoughts: It is very important that neat thoughts flow in your mind while writing on a topic. The logical flow would help you draft an article properly. An article should always have an abstract, the body and the concluding paragraph.

Happy Blogging!

Those who wonder, what’s blogging? Try blogging to see it for yourself.
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Open the door to a whole new world full of fellow bloggers.

What to Blog about?

Often many start-up bloggers face a common dilemma, “What to blog about?” Once they make up their mind they zero in on a subject (theme) which they think they have good knowledge about. The problem arises when they run out of ideas to write about their selected subject. The result: after 3 months they stop blogging.

They may have generated some hits on their blog initially; would have become a bit popular too. But then, when they stop updating their blog, the visitor count decreases. And once the web stats drip, they loose interest in blogging. What should be done then?

In order to keep posting, the first thing that you need to do is to relax. Don’t hurry on setting up a blog. Instead write a business plan or a rough draft about the theme of your blog. Planning is very important. You also need to analyze other blogs and learn from them. The next step is to shortlist a couple of themes for your blog. Before you finalize on any one theme, understand the pros and cons of your subject matter. Jot down the limitations. What next?

Sit down and write at least 25 articles or copies or posts for your blog. Chalk out a strategy to post them at regular intervals of time. By doing so, you’ll have ample posts in reserve. Then launch your blog.

One last thing: at any time, don’t switch over to a new theme all of a sudden.

Monetize your Blog

If you are a new blogger on the blogosphere and if you want to keep buzzing the blogworld, this post is for you.

First of all, get a decent looking template and work towards organizing it. The visitor should feel at home when he comes by your page. He or She should be able to browse your blog easily and swiftly.

Second, once the blog is set up, chalk out your purpose of blogging. You need to zero in on any one subject that will occupy maximum space on your blog. The contents on your blog should be well organized and well written. Use short, simple and crisp sentences.

Third, after a week, you will realize that your blog is shaping up nicely. It looks attractive as well and above all has a good potential to get some traffic. So what do you do? Follow the next step.

Four, get a domain name, map it to your blog and host your website. Here, I’d suggest you to do some research work.

Five, now that you have your own dot com, tell others about it. And how do you do that? Follow the next step.

Six, There are some online services that allow you to update search engines about the recent updates to your blog, with a single ping. Use them. In addition, you should also organize carnivals and participate in forums. There are some websites that also allow you to post your blog articles.

Seven, your website would now get a minimum of 100 hits everyday.
Please note: You could augment the hits, provided you update your website regularly.

Eight, Make money online!

Techno Blogger Ramandeep

Probably most of us think that the print medium is biased. And that what goes into printing is decided by a few affluent men. Ramandeep Singh Bakshi is no different. He says, “The print medium is prejudice. It depicts its views and camouflages the opinions of the general public. The power lies in the hands of a few rich people. He further adds, “Blogging is definitely the new way of mass communication. It is also better because anyone can share their views about any topic they feel like.”

Ramandeep Singh hails from Delhi and is a student of BCA. He blogs about various tips and tricks to enhance a users experience on Windows XP operating system. http://xpcustomize.blogspot.com/ is the link to go to Raman’s blog. His interest in web-designing and Computer (software) customization lead to the origin of his blog.

Understanding the true potential of a blog, it wasn’t much difficult for this delhi lad to monetize his blog. Raman runs a few campaigns on his blog that generate him the pocket money he gladly accepts. A part-time blogger, Raman updates his blog on a regular basis. Through his blog, he would like to reach out to zillions and zillions of internet surfers around the globe. Blogging also gives him the opportunity to display his knowledge to the general public.

Raman gets a decent hit of about 20 to 25 per day. “I’ve just started blogging a few months back. Slowly and gradually I see the hits climbing upwards.”

Speaking of Copyrights and Plagiarism, the young blogger says, “It is very essential to protect a bloggers’ originality.”

Raman’s philosophy: “I live my own life and don’t bother about others unless there’s something that affects me.”

NGO Blogger Mr. Dutta

Blogging is truly the gift of technology. It overcomes the barriers of the current age we live in. It helps us raise our voices to where we intend it to be heard. Not always but it’s a revolution just picking up. Echoing a similar sentiment is a dynamic blogger who won several laurels for his writings. He was awarded the citizen journalist of the year 2006 from merinews.com, an ezine. He works for an NGO for a living and is truly a social activist of his kind. Shantanu Dutta talks passionately about his blog and wants to reach out to a larger audience. He knows that the internet is limited to a certain number of audiences. Nevertheless he does his bit and tries to bring about a change. A change we all are desperately awaiting.

“I blog about the relevant social issues we face in India,” says the 47 year old blogger. “I would like to voice my opinion to as many people as possible.”

Mr. Dutta is religious. He likes to see the world through the love and compassion that almighty Jesus represented.

When told to compare blogs to the print medium, Mr. Dutta said, “Blogs as of now can complement but not replace print media. Internet penetration in India is only 1 percent of the population and of this not every one is obviously reading or writing blogs. So Print will retain its influence in the foreseeable future.”

Mr. Dutta receives an average of around 100 hits per day on his blog www.shantanudutta.sulekha.com. Being an NGO, he operates on a busy schedule. “Will try to put up some thing every day if I am not travelling; but I am not a full time blogger,” says the active NGO.

The iW2K team wishes Mr. Dutta all the very best for his future endeavours.
Keep Blogging!!!

Blogging is in!

This post talks about how “Blogging’ has come of age. It also shares some tips for an amateur blogger. This post also discusses steps that need to be followed to get decent hits on your blog.

Five years ago, information was exchanged through websites; messages through emails. Business was carried out through business portals. News was channelized via news portals. And products were bought from shopping portals.

To have a portal up and running, first the domain name had to be registered and then a web space had to be bought. Web programmers were hired to design a template for the website to make it look apt and attractive. Once that was done, if the customer wanted to buy any product ‘the payment gateway’ had to be installed on the server. All customers had to be registered users. And in order to accommodate them, additional web space was always the demand of the situation. Once the portal was launched, marketing and SEO techniques were implemented to get maximum hits on the website. All this came with a price, a huge investment. On top of that, there was no guarantee. The doubts would build up. Is the business going to work or will the company be able to breakeven?

Today, almost all the above functions can be carried out by a low cost service known as a “Web Log.” Web logs do not require any domain registration cost, no web hosting charges, no template design charges, no marketing charges and no SEO services. What all is expected of the blogger is to register with any ‘blogging’ website and update the posts regularly. Write keyword specific content, leave comments on top blogs and organize forums and carnivals. Why blogging? Because it costs nothing and the domain name is optional too. Yes indeed, Blogging is in!

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