Blogging is in!

This post talks about how “Blogging’ has come of age. It also shares some tips for an amateur blogger. This post also discusses steps that need to be followed to get decent hits on your blog.

Five years ago, information was exchanged through websites; messages through emails. Business was carried out through business portals. News was channelized via news portals. And products were bought from shopping portals.

To have a portal up and running, first the domain name had to be registered and then a web space had to be bought. Web programmers were hired to design a template for the website to make it look apt and attractive. Once that was done, if the customer wanted to buy any product ‘the payment gateway’ had to be installed on the server. All customers had to be registered users. And in order to accommodate them, additional web space was always the demand of the situation. Once the portal was launched, marketing and SEO techniques were implemented to get maximum hits on the website. All this came with a price, a huge investment. On top of that, there was no guarantee. The doubts would build up. Is the business going to work or will the company be able to breakeven?

Today, almost all the above functions can be carried out by a low cost service known as a “Web Log.” Web logs do not require any domain registration cost, no web hosting charges, no template design charges, no marketing charges and no SEO services. What all is expected of the blogger is to register with any ‘blogging’ website and update the posts regularly. Write keyword specific content, leave comments on top blogs and organize forums and carnivals. Why blogging? Because it costs nothing and the domain name is optional too. Yes indeed, Blogging is in!

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  1. I agree 100%. Blogging has definitely become the "in" thing to do. I see more and more social networking sites becoming similar to blogs.


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