Blogging and History

Blogging is not new. Blogging is not the new age phenomenon. It was always there and will always be. It’s just that the medium to exchange messages has changed. There have been some sporadic changes that have led to a world full of new and buzzing technologies; Technology that have imparted our messages with wings; technology that has given us the strength to chat with distant like-minded individuals; technology that has brought the world closer.

Not so long ago messages were exchanged through letters, postcards, newsletters and national and international proclamations. It was a little slow. But eventually the message reached its destination.

Thousands of years ago when the world was divided into hundreds of kingdoms, its rulers blogged extensively. They wrote inscriptions on the stone; built monasteries and temples and churches to convey their message. Writing was done on the bark of the tree and its leaves until the Chinese invented paper. This was one form of blogging to pass information to the future generations. There were writers and poets in the kings’ courts. These poets entertained the court with their artistic skill; whereas the writers often wrote biographies of the kings. Even today the biographies are preserved and decoded by historians and put on a blog. Information is thus shared after all. In the ancient period the messages were carried by a human from one place to another. They might travel in chariots or on foot. There was always a doubt if the message reached its intended party but not today.

In the present world our medium to exchange ideas has changed. We use internet and weblogs instead. It is by far the fastest means of communication. Thanks to technology and weblogs.

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