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If you are a new blogger on the blogosphere and if you want to keep buzzing the blogworld, this post is for you.

First of all, get a decent looking template and work towards organizing it. The visitor should feel at home when he comes by your page. He or She should be able to browse your blog easily and swiftly.

Second, once the blog is set up, chalk out your purpose of blogging. You need to zero in on any one subject that will occupy maximum space on your blog. The contents on your blog should be well organized and well written. Use short, simple and crisp sentences.

Third, after a week, you will realize that your blog is shaping up nicely. It looks attractive as well and above all has a good potential to get some traffic. So what do you do? Follow the next step.

Four, get a domain name, map it to your blog and host your website. Here, I’d suggest you to do some research work.

Five, now that you have your own dot com, tell others about it. And how do you do that? Follow the next step.

Six, There are some online services that allow you to update search engines about the recent updates to your blog, with a single ping. Use them. In addition, you should also organize carnivals and participate in forums. There are some websites that also allow you to post your blog articles.

Seven, your website would now get a minimum of 100 hits everyday.
Please note: You could augment the hits, provided you update your website regularly.

Eight, Make money online!

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  1. This is a great basic outline of setting up a blog for success. Good job.


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