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Probably most of us think that the print medium is biased. And that what goes into printing is decided by a few affluent men. Ramandeep Singh Bakshi is no different. He says, “The print medium is prejudice. It depicts its views and camouflages the opinions of the general public. The power lies in the hands of a few rich people. He further adds, “Blogging is definitely the new way of mass communication. It is also better because anyone can share their views about any topic they feel like.”

Ramandeep Singh hails from Delhi and is a student of BCA. He blogs about various tips and tricks to enhance a users experience on Windows XP operating system. is the link to go to Raman’s blog. His interest in web-designing and Computer (software) customization lead to the origin of his blog.

Understanding the true potential of a blog, it wasn’t much difficult for this delhi lad to monetize his blog. Raman runs a few campaigns on his blog that generate him the pocket money he gladly accepts. A part-time blogger, Raman updates his blog on a regular basis. Through his blog, he would like to reach out to zillions and zillions of internet surfers around the globe. Blogging also gives him the opportunity to display his knowledge to the general public.

Raman gets a decent hit of about 20 to 25 per day. “I’ve just started blogging a few months back. Slowly and gradually I see the hits climbing upwards.”

Speaking of Copyrights and Plagiarism, the young blogger says, “It is very essential to protect a bloggers’ originality.”

Raman’s philosophy: “I live my own life and don’t bother about others unless there’s something that affects me.”


  1. Good blog and good philosophy towards blogging.

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