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Not everyone can handle a full-time profession coupled with a personal commitment like a hobby; especially when the hobby is very creative. One’s hobby may not always generate as much revenue as one’s salary. However it would give a person the much needed creative satisfaction. Kulraj Singh is one such person who is thrilled with the blogging phenomenon. Kulraj is a numismatist.

In layman’s language Kulraj collects numismatic items, esp. coins. “Through my blog My coin collection I plan to provide comprehensive information on all coins,” says Mr. Singh. He further adds, “The blog would also contain other details such as the origin and the symbolism of the coins.”

Kulraj started collecting coins in mid 2008. Only recently in January 2009 he realized the potential of internet and launched a blog for his coin collection. “I post a byte on the coin collection blog everyday. I believe in doing so in the years to come, it will be the biggest site on coins in India.”

Academically strong, Kulraj strongly believes in the power of internet. He agrees that through internet knowledge can be spread across the globe by the click of a button. He says, “I use blog as a tool to express my views to the people across continents. As far as the coins blog is concerned, I find it the best way to showcase my coin collection. I also like the simplistic design of a blog and I prefer it over a website.” Kulraj receives a whopping 100 hits on his coin collection blog everyday.

Apart from collecting coins, Kulraj pens another blog by the name of The mind tree. Through this blog he would like to put forth his views, beliefs and his philosophy to his readers. Speaking about any recognition in the field of blogging Kulraj says, “As human beings, we are all hungry of recognition and appreciation from others for whatever we do. The appreciatory comments and mails that I receive is my award and my recognition.” As far as my goals are concerned he says, “I want to convert my coin collection blog into an encyclopaedia on coins and be renowned as a numismatist in India and abroad.”

The two key people treading the path of success together with Kulraj are:
Ravleen Kaur – Photographer.
Bhavraj Singh – Care taker of the coins.

Kulraj Singh has done his Bachelors of Technology from IP University. He has also earned an MBA degree from IMT Ghaziabad. Currently he works as a lecturer in IP University.

The iW2K team hopes lady luck enters Kulraj’s blog and makes him the most famous numismatist in the world.

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  1. I have never had a fondness for collecting coins but have loved the stories that surround them.


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