The Diabolic Preacher

“Initially I blogged for limited audience; I normally posted what I learnt in class while doing my BCA (Bachelor of Computer Application),” says the 25 year old Blogger. He calls himself Diabolic Preacher (DP). “I used to write a summary of what’s being done in class with a link to additional resources.”

An IT administrator by profession, this blogger started blogging with the idea of maintaining a log of what was taught in class. DP started blogging when he was18 years old. When asked why blogging, DP says, “Blogging is easy and maintenance is zero. I often use my tech articles as ‘How to’ references to help people. I write in a way that I’d like to read later on. I have learnt a lot about writing posts and how to improve upon the length.” He further adds, “When I blog, I put my thoughts in front of me and can think deeper about the topic. Additionally Freemind and Q10 are the best tools to write blog posts, they enable me to write meaningful stuff than what a personal blog might end up having.”

Being a part-time blogger, DP publishes most of his posts in the weekends. He says, “I may not publish articles on a regular basis but I take some time out on Saturdays and Sundays to author content, collect info and plan articles.” DP calls his blog Abusive views. Click here to go to his blog. Alternately you may click on the link as below:

Making money online does not excite the 25 year old blogger. “My content is all that I value on my blog, and I hope my readers agree with me,” says the IT administrator.

Comparing print medium and Blogging, DP says, “There’s a thing about opening the newspaper and stretching ones arms on the easy chair. Probably in the future Reporters would maintain blogs like those at IBN and many other news networks. There are some bloggers who write for the print medium as well. Although publishing with blogs is easier and faster. However it is not as accessible at the local level compared to the print medium.”

DP’s future goals are very succinct. He aims at a high technorati rank. He says, “Identifying and understanding the audience and improving the reader experience, while keeping my topics of interests at the fore are my primary goals.”

The IT Blogger is straight-forward and clear in his thoughts. “Never pretend to be what you can’t pretend to be,” says he. He further adds, “Laughter is the best medicine is the mantra of life.”

The iW2K team wishes this blogger all the success he deserves.

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  1. Excellent !! Diabolic Preacher is as true as his words here.


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