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Writing posts is not an easy job. It does not always guarantee you a better page rank. The quality of the content has to be precise and to the point. The readers do not appreciate a poorly written article.

In order to get traffic to your blog a well researched article has to be posted. The writer has to give something new to its readers every time he/she publishes a post.

Here are some tips to the writers to write good and successful posts:

Always read on the subject before you start writing: A better way to summarize a subject in the form of a post is to read a lot about the topic. Google the topic, search the newspapers and surf the television set. You might come across something new every time.

Read blogs that have a similar subject as yours: Often we come across blogs that are similar to ours. Let’s call these blogs the ‘familiar blogs.’ Derive the positives from the ‘familiar blogs’ and build on them.

Play a game for recreation: If you have reached your deadline and are not ready with a new post, what do you do? You tried a lot to write a new article but somehow were not able to get your acts together, don’t get nervous. Try reading the newspaper; pick up a book and start reading. Play a game and relax. Give your mind a break before you start writing again. Remember write quality posts. Crappy and regular posts do not give you a better page rank.

Meditate to clear your thoughts: It is very important that neat thoughts flow in your mind while writing on a topic. The logical flow would help you draft an article properly. An article should always have an abstract, the body and the concluding paragraph.

Happy Blogging!

Those who wonder, what’s blogging? Try blogging to see it for yourself.
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