Blogging is an addiction

Blogging is an addiction! The more you encounter new tools to blog, more the fun. And the more is the zeal with which one wants to unearth new tricks of blogging. An amateur blogger may put his heart and soul into blogging for the first couple of months. However after a certain period, his energy drains leaving him clueless.

Get on to blogging
Often newbie bloggers would blog with an intention of making it big in less time. They seem to be in a hurry to earn money online. However when they realize that money doesn’t come that easy, they get dejected. The discouraged blogger leaves hope and stops blogging! What one should understand is that through blogging money does not come instantly. It is a slow process. So get on to blogging regularly.

Be consistent
Blog posts appearing on regular intervals of time is a good thing. However when no posts are published for a long time then there is a problem. So one should try and post at least 2 articles per week.

Derive pleasure in blogging
If blogging is fun for you, you should derive pleasure out of it. Passing your time blogging is a good thing. It certainly improves your writing skills and adds creativity in your life.

Seek guidance from fellow bloggers
If at any point in time, you feel let down, turn to the pro bloggers. Read their blogs. They would certainly guide you. Also read the blogs of similar subject as yours. Exchange views with the fellow bloggers for support.

Update your blog
One should constantly update oneself with the new tools on blogging. Catching up on a new tool is certainly a good way to give your blog a new dimension. Go give your blog a slight makeover. The blog should be updated with the times.

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  1. Nice article. And you are right about newbies sometimes being in a hurry. I also want to add that the rewards from blogging are not always financial; through blogging you make new friends, learn new things, sometimes even get in-kind benefits. For e.g. if you blog about cellphones, maybe the mobile companies in your country would regularly give you phones to review and sometimes to keep.

  2. You are right Damaria. One should regularly update one’s blog. By doing so, it would lead to a large number of your posts in the search engines. Then it’s just a matter of getting noticed by sponsors.

  3. I love reading blogs, i would like 2 start blogging and ur site will b very helpful to people like me.
    keep up the good work.
    Tanya Rathod.

  4. Yeah. I agree with your points. Every blogger should practice these to grow their interest and passion for blogging.

    Blogging is an addiction and I swear I'd addicted to it!

  5. It is an addiction, if you're able to get over the first 6 months.. most bloggers tend to quit withing the 6 month period, because you don't get to see any results in terms of money...

    I personally belive that Blogging follows the concept of Agriculture "Reap Nos, Sow Later". If you can work with this idea and go on blogging consistenly, it will definitely become an addiction and bring you a good amt of $$$

    Nice Post My friend! Made me do a lot of thinking


  6. For me, I post around 2 - 3 articles per week. By the way, good points you have here =)


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