Aim high when Blogging

Every blogger dreams of making it big. They want to touch the stars and seek immense popularity; Nothing wrong in thinking that way unless you have a plan.

Every venture is associated with a business plan; a plan that leads us to our goals; a plan that will shape things in a sequential manner; a plan that will take us closer to our desires.

Let us jot down some facts while writing a plan.

Finalize on the blogging subject
Before one starts to blog, the subject has to be decided upon. Choosing a subject will depend upon the personal interest of the individual. Choosing the correct subject is the first step towards success.

Stay firm on the chosen blogging subject
Once a subject is selected, it is necessary that the blog talks about it. Any post that diverts the blog’s theme will cause hindrance to the blog’s popularity. Often start-up bloggers fall short of ideas to write a new post. So it’s wise to choose a subject that you think you can do justice to.

Make a rule to post a certain number of posts per week
Publishing posts regularly will keep updating your blog and the search engines. The more frequently you post the higher would be your google page ranking. It’s a nice way to get your readers hooked onto your blog.

Check out your contemporaries
Make it a habit to browse through your fellow bloggers’ blogs. That’s how you would come to know the latest happenings in the blogging world. Sometimes when you comment on other blogs you may come across a good idea to write a new post on your blog.

Be a part of the blogging community
Establish a blogging community of your own; write comments on fellow blogger’ blogs regularly. Be a part of a blog forum. Communicate with your readers. Unless you visit other blogs of similar niche as yours it will be hard to drive quality readers visiting your blog.

I guess its best to write 100 posts already before one begins to blog. In other words, one has to post at least 100 posts before the blog takes off. Think out of the box. Be innovative.

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  1. I agree with all you have to say except that 100 posts is a bit too much too start off. I personally started my blog to learn more of how the internet works and how to monetize from it! I can say that I'm going step by step in my learning and writing.

  2. When bloggers start to update their blogs, the focus gets divided between posting and beautifying the blog. Hence to avoid the division of time and effort, it is wise to concentrate on articles first. Once a sizeable number (may vary from person to person) of posts are written already then focusing on shaping the blog will achieve you better results. By doing so, you would also have posts in reserve; thus boosting your morale.

  3. I agree with Curious Little Person... I agree with all your points, but writing 100 posts before you actually get started is a little excessive. I agree that you should have some posts created so you can fill-up your homepage, but that really isn't absolutely necessary. To me... it makes more sense to just get started and get your blog up and just add to it on a consistent basis. Nobody will really see your site (in an quantity) for the first weeks anyway, so why not just make it live? I believe that most people would not even open their blog if they had to write a bunch of posts before they open their blog. Of course that is just my opinion.

    Love this site by the way... good job!

  4. Hi

    Tanya Here, have a request 4 you,please post some more people in bloggers Park, its good to know abut them.
    Waiting to read more about bloogers.

    Best Of Luck.

  5. For me, I'll post around 2 post for a week. By the way, always aim for success in blogging =)

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