Mapping domain to your blogger blog

You might think that once you got a domain name for your blog, all your worries are allayed. Think again!

You need to understand that a domain name in mere existence is of no use. You have to map it to your blogger blog. Url forwarding is not the option here. Amateur bloggers get really excited to have their own dot com. But in the hurry they ignore the nuances involved. And when things don’t work their way, they feel cheated.

Look, getting a domain name is very easy. You just need to log on to the internet and check for the availability of your domain. Once you zeroed in on any one of the available names, register it with your domain registrar. Here, I’d suggest you to do a bit of research and check for genuine domain providers.

What do you do next? Start the mapping process.
Please note: If you are using a blogger account, you just need to buy a domain name. The web hosting is taken care by blogger.
Having done that, you now need someone to do the ‘DNS hosting’ for you.

Let us now summarize the mapping process:

1. Domain registration,
2. DNS Hosting, and
3. Blog settings.

1. Domain registration: Search the phrase “buy a domain” in google and you should be able to get top ten domain registrars. Select any credible domain registrar and buy a domain name.

2. DNS hosting: Configure NS records and manage your domain. In layman’s language visit any free DNS hosting website and follow the instructions.

3. Blog Settings: Point your blog to the domain name you just registered.

Once you are through, don’t expect to see the results instantaneously. Wait for a day or two to reflect it on your blog.

Happy Blogging!

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