Don’t Blog for Money

In today’s fast paced age of technology and rising inflation, it is hard not to think money all the time. Very true! However one has to be careful not to mix creativity, passion and hobby with money. One should generate creative satisfaction from one’s hobby. Passion for hobby is a good thing. But passion for money through hobby is wrong. There are many other ways to generate revenue; like a full-time job.

It is advisable to strictly work at office and play or relax with a hobby at home. The moment one thinks of making money through blogging, the focus of attention drastically shifts; thus deviating from the art and fun with blogging. Blogging is an enjoyable phenomenon. One has to enjoy the various techniques it offers. There are campaigns available on the internet to affiliate with your blog. One should try it out. The intention should be to learn and enjoy the blogging phenomenon.

Blogging offers varied features and services to its publishers and readers. Through Blogging the publisher can voice his opinion to the readers. The views can be put forth to a large audience. A global exposure can be achieved through web blogging. Once famous the blogger succeeds in creating a brand for the blog.

For the blogger to be successful, he should continue to focus on improving and building a better blog. The other materialistic things will follow automatically. Blogging is in! It is simple and updating it is very easy. However it requires a lot of patience and hard work. Consistency is the key. Never lose hope. Keep Blogging!

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  1. lol, this post made me laugh. There's nothing wrong with making money from your hobby. If you truly enjoy blogging about a contain subject. Why not make money from it? Yes, its important to maintain your passion for that subject but there's nothing wrong at all from making a full time income from your passion. The reason most people blog is to make money from their passion to get away from a full time job.

  2. I agree to you to a certain extent Deneil. However I differ with you on one aspect i.e. expecting returns with less input. The point here is how newbie bloggers sometimes overlook certain things. Bloggers who consistently blog and create a huge archive make money. However when a newbie blogs with high expectations he is bound to fall flat on his face. There is no harm in making money online. But to blog with the intention of making money right from the start is not advisable.

  3. I agree with you. For me, quality is no. 1 and money will come after that.

    The most important thing to consider is you have to maintain the quality of the blog and its content. If you can do this, I believe it's a lot more easier to make money =D

  4. iwrite2know, I agree with you. A new blogger should focus on blogging about their passion and not focus on making money. A blog starts making money around the 6 month mark. (not that much money though) There are things the blogger can do to put things in place to make money and just completely focus on blogging and the money will come.

  5. I like what you say.."never lose hope" This is the best advice because a blogger will be lucky if they make anything in the first months. Most people do not have the patience to wait even until they build up $100 to get their first google adsnse check. On a side note, I tagged you on my blog for a "blogging chain"...check it out when you get a chance..

  6. This is perfect... I should say i started blogging for money.. but after week of starting i started to enjoy blogging,

    It feels great when your friends stumble and ask you have a blog.. and praise.. I now write if i want to feel relaxed and enjoy.

    I also learnt a lot of tools, techniques by blogging.. literally HTML and CSS i learned to get a unigue blog!

    Write blog as a hobby, if its great it will earn you.


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