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Often most newbie bloggers face a common dilemma of diverting traffic to their blogs. They get visibly disappointed; thereby losing interest in blogging. I’ve personally come across many such bloggers. The common complaint I get is that of less traffic.

When I asked a few bloggers about their blogging experience, they said that they regularly published their posts, at least once in two days; sometimes even every day. But still fell short of expectations. After about 2 months of hard work, they said the visitor count on their blogs didn’t show any noticeable change.

The common mistake the newbie bloggers today do is that they do not build upon a community. They fail to understand that building online relationships with fellow bloggers is the most viable option. Being a regular poster is a good thing. However when the posts are not shared or commented upon, they do not receive a higher google ranking.

Diverting traffic to the blogs is in the bloggers’ hands. Just as new posts are published on ones blogs, bloggers need to post comments on other blogs too. The comment should not be a random one or hastily written. One should post a relevant comment to a blogpost. A wise blogger would first read a blogpost, understand its contents and then post a comment relevant to the blogpost. If a blogger would consistently comment on other blogs for at least 2 months, he would start receiving comments on his own blog; thus building a community of his own.

Commenting is no doubt a good approach for building a relationship. However it may not be the only option.

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  1. This is very true in its entirety. I recently read an article called "Most Blogs Fail" and the main reason was due to blogs that just weren't updated. There are over a million blogs and the failure rate was at 95%. The biggest reasonings was due to people just stopping all their posts. It has to be a habitual thing that you continually do and build upon. Also networking is an excellent way to stay on track.

  2. Yeah. Absolutely agree.

    Some bloggers are expecting too much. We must stick to the quote 'no pain no gain'.

    You have top ut efforts in order to success. If you work hard enough and apply all the recommended techniques, you will get wonderful results at the end.


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