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love horoscopesBlogging has truly come of age. The young generation believes that it would certainly be used as a medium of mass communication. They feel that blogging is catching up with the orthodox means of communication i.e. the print medium. Some even think that Blogging would replace it. Aditya Bhadra is one such blogger who thinks that voicing an opinion on the blog is much simpler. “Readers can comment about the topics in real-time and get feedback,” says the young blogger. Mr. Bhadra calls his blog Soul Intoxicated.

Mr. Bhadra is a student who likes to keep a diary online. “I used to keep a hardback diary but it was hard to keep it a secret. So I thought there’s no point in hiding what I write, and blogging was a medium to let others know while staying anonymous at the same time,” says he. “I usually post my poetry and sometimes short stories or paragraphs on the topic close to my heart, LOVE. I write about my life, my thoughts and sensitive relationships.”

Aditya is not interested to go commercial with his blog at the moment. Speaking of making money online he says, “I am not interested in making money online and I do not have any issues against those who want to until they don’t bug people to click on their ads. I think very soon making money online would be considered a profession.”

Unlike other bloggers who would like to flaunt their achievements and awards in the field of blogging, this young lad likes to underplay it. He was recently awarded the Thinking Blogger award which he humbly accepted. Besides, he is also the recipient of the Flogger award and the Best Blog of the day award. “I do not blog so that people can read what I have to say; I blog because I like doing it. So it doesn’t really matter if I get a hundred visitors a day or just one, until I am creatively satisfied,” says the star blogger.

Speaking of dot com, Aditya believes that a blog with its own domain name receives more traffic. “When I got a good deal over the internet to buy a domain name, I took advantage of it and changed my blog to a dot com,” says the young achiever. “As a result I’m able to receive about 200 hits on my blog everyday.”

The star blogger is currently doing his bachelors in CS and business administration from Saint Mary’s University in Canada. He is an indoor person and an introvert by nature. He relentlessly cares about his near and dear ones. Not surprisingly, Aditya would certainly like to dedicate his blog to his lovely girlfriend Aeshna.

The iW2K team wishes this blogger all the creative satisfaction and LOVE he deserves.

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