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Why Search Engine Optimization?
Putting up a good website is no doubt a daunting task. A lot goes into putting it all together. A correct domain name apt for the content of the website is very important. After that a good looking template needs to be selected to give the website a suitable look. Every nook and corner of the web page has to be designed. ‘What goes where’ is decided in the planning and the implementation phase. The final outcome: Read on ...

Monetize your Blog
If you are a new blogger on the blogosphere and if you want to keep buzzing the blogworld, this post is for you. First of all, get a decent looking template and work towards organizing it. The visitor should feel at home when he comes by your page. He or She should be able to browse your blog easily and swiftly. Second, Read on ...

Writing beautiful posts
Writing posts is not an easy job. It does not always guarantee you a better page rank. The quality of the content has to be precise and to the point. The readers do not appreciate a poorly written article. In order to get traffic to your blog a well researched article has to be posted. The writer has to give something new to its readers every time he/she publishes a post. Here are some tips to the writers to write good and successful posts: Read on ...

What to Blog about?
Often many start-up bloggers face a common dilemma, “What to blog about?” Once they make up their mind they zero in on a subject (theme) which they think they have good knowledge about. The problem arises when they run out of ideas to write about their selected subject. The result: after 3 months they stop blogging. Read on ...

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