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This 22-year old blogger is an engineer with specialization in Biotechnology. At the age of 14 he launched his first website by the name of NaramCheez (a dialect in Hindi which means software). Through this venture, he showcased utility softwares for both personal and professional use. The business did well and very soon the youngest CEO of India emerged by the name of Paras Chopra.
As a child, Paras would always question ‘How’ and ‘Why’; the questions that make a successful entrepreneur. He is truly unique as his post suggests. Having dabbled in varied topics such as online business, science, philosophy, technology, cosmology, Artificial Intelligence; the list is endless, Paras has now shifted his focus of attention towards online marketing. He calls it Wingify. Wingify aims at providing the readers the cost-effective ways of targeted online marketing through behavioural targeting and multivariate optimization.

Paras Chopra is truly the new age entrepreneur. His past start-ups include Kroomsa, and Precimark. A confident yet aggressive statesman Paras always graduates with a scope of improvement after his every start-up. When the iW2K team asked Paras as to why he chose blogging as his passion, he succinctly replied, “Why not Blogging?” He further adds, “I mostly blog about entrepreneurship, start-ups and a bit of philosophy and science. I have inclination towards blogging about topics such as conundrums faced by entrepreneurs and myths around web start-ups. At other times I blog about evolution, physics and human biases.”

Paras firmly prefers in having a dot com for a prospective business venture. He says, “Having a dot com gives you the credibility and lets your visitors know that you have invested into your blog, and are not just blogging about your cats and dogs. They get to know that you do serious blogging.”

The Weblog mogul is a true gentleman. He boldly confesses that he made many mistakes in the past. He says, “I had tried to do many so-called businesses online. None of them survived or earned me even a single dollar. I lacked certain skills. The most important among them being marketing. I now understand how important marketing is for a business to succeed. All the failures I had suffered made me a strong and knowledgeable person. And, for your benefit I have compiled all that knowledge into this guide. You need not face numerous hurdles and failures to discover what I already know.”

An ardent entrepreneur, Paras regularly updates his blogs and receives as many as 100 visitors reading his blogs everyday.

Paras is an R&D engineer working on machine learning and statistics. He also dabbles in his other technology projects. Praiseworthy Paras has also won a third prize (a book: How Innovators Connect) for his post on ‘What makes me unique’ from TechTribe.

The iW2K team wishes this commendable entrepreneur success all the way.

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