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Online Entrepreneur Paras
This 22-year old blogger is an engineer with specialization in Biotechnology. biotechnologyAt the age of 14 he launched his first website by the name of NaramCheez (a dialect in Hindi which means software). Through this venture, he showcased utility softwares for both personal and professional use. The business did well and very soon the youngest CEO of India emerged by the name of Paras Chopra. As a child, Paras would always question ‘How’ and ‘Why’; the questions that make a successful entrepreneur. He is truly unique as his post suggests. Having dabbled in varied topics such as online business, science, philosophy, technology, cosmology, Artificial Intelligence; the list is endless, Paras has now shifted his focus of attention towards online marketing. He calls it Wingify. Wingify aims at Read on ...

Thinking Blogger Aditya
Blogging has truly come of age. The young generation believes that it love horoscopeswould certainly be used as a medium of mass communication. They feel that blogging is catching up with the orthodox means of communication i.e. the print medium. Some even think that Blogging would replace it. Aditya Bhadra is one such blogger who thinks that voicing an opinion on the blog is much simpler. “Readers can comment about the topics in real-time and get feedback,” says the young blogger. Mr. Bhadra calls his blog Soul Intoxicated. Mr. Bhadra is a student who likes to keep a diary online. “I used to keep a hardback diary but it was hard to keep it a secret. So I thought Read on ...

Blogging tools

Why Search Engine Optimization?
Putting up a good website is no doubt a daunting task. A lot goes into putting it all together. A correct domain name apt for the content of the website is very important. After that a good looking template needs to be selected to give the website a suitable look. Every nook and corner of the web page has to be designed. ‘What goes where’ is decided in the planning and the implementation phase. The final outcome: a structured website that has a good CMS (content management system) to regularly Read on ...

Monetize your Blog
If you are a new blogger on the blogosphere and if you want to keep buzzing the blogworld, this post is for you. First of all, get a decent looking template and work towards organizing it. The visitor should feel at home when he comes by your page. He or She should be able to browse your blog easily and swiftly. Second, Read on ...

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