AIDS Campaigner Damaria

AIDS Campaigner
Blogging is truly the gift of new age technology. Blogging is a tool which when used positively can do wonders to our lives. It is up to us as to how we would like to harness its energy. Damaria Senne is a blogger who would like to bring about a global change through her blog. Damaraia is a writer based in Johannesburg, South Africa. She says, “Currently I’m working on my biggest project called the OneLove Regional Campaign.”

She further adds, “The OneLove Regional Campaign targets Southern African countries such as Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Swaziland, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe.”

The OneLove Regional Campaign is an initiative to make people aware about the Acquired immune deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) virus. The project aims to get the people of southern Africa thinking and talking about their sexual behaviour in this time of HIV and AIDS. Through the blog, Damaria is doing a commendable job of spreading AIDS awareness in the countries of South Africa. “As a blogger, my job is to liaise with the campaign partners in these nine countries to develop and publish content on the blog that will meet their campaign agenda,” says Damaria.

Aware of blogging since 2002, Damaria took 3 years to get hooked on to it. “I learnt about blogging back in 2002, when an old writer friend of mine, Janet Pieterse, launched one. At that time I thought it was a waste of her time. Then in 2005, I decided to start a blog about my adventures as a creative writer and mother,” She says.

Like any other blogger, Damaria is well aware about the current marketing techniques available online. She visits forums, regularly comments on similar blogs as hers; submits articles to blog festivals, ezine; uses twitter, YouTube, etc, etc. Apart from these marketing tools, Damaria invites campaign partners like the NGOs and campaign supporters to do a reciprocal link exchange, and promote the blog to their own partners and client base. As a result she receives an incredible 4000 hits on her blog everyday. Damaria regularly updates her blog. She publishes 2 posts per day.

Passionate about the OneLove Regional Campaign blog, Damaria plans to grow a big online audience from all nine countries. She says, “We would like people to talk openly about sexuality and HIV. The blog also plans to empower its offline communities to help make healthier sexual choices so HIV infection can be reduced.”

The key people treading the path of success together with Damaria are:
Harriet Perlman – Senior Executive; Regional Programme, Soul City (heading the coordination of the OneLove regional campaign)
John Phillip – Independent web designer
Caroline Kruger – Project Manager, Intrinsic Media

Damaria is a full time writer by profession. She was a keynote speaker at the 2008 Digital Citizen Indaba. The event was organized to bring together bloggers, podcasters, mobile journalists, citizen reporters, new media practitioners, online industry experts, and civil society representatives from all over Africa to discuss the use of new media for development.

The iW2K team wishes this award-winning writer all the luck to bring a new ray of hope to the Southern African continent.

For more on blogging meet the citizen journalist & social activist, NGO Blogger Mr. Dutta.


  1. Thanks guys, for profiling the OneLove campaign on the front page of iW2K, and for the smooth interview process.

  2. Damaria is a great example for the youths to raise the voice for the HIV infected people. Best of luck

  3. Great article. I wish Damaria the most success she could have. She is supporting a good cause.

  4. I loved reading the article about Damaria Senne's work here in South Africa and I would enjoy reading more about how writers are changing the world through cyberspace. The global village gets smaller every day and the cyber highway connects us all!

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