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The Numismatist MBA Kulraj
Not everyone can handle a full-time profession coupled with a personal coinscommitment like a hobby; especially when the hobby is very creative. One’s hobby may not always generate as much revenue as one’s salary. However it would give a person the much needed creative satisfaction. Kulraj Singh is one such person who is numismatist. In layman’s language Kulraj collects numismatic items, esp. coins. “Through my blog My coin collection I plan to provide Read on ...

NGO Blogger Mr. Dutta
Blogging is truly the gift of technology.JesusIt overcomes the barriers of the current age we live in. It helps us raise our voices to where we intend it to be heard. Not always but it’s a revolution just picking up. Echoing a similar sentiment is a dynamic blogger who won several laurels for his writings. He was awarded the citizen journalist of the year 2006 from merinews.com, an ezine. Read on ...

Techno Blogger Ramandeep
Probably most of us think that the print medium is biased. And that what goes into bloggerprinting is decided by a few affluent men.Ramandeep Singh Bakshi is no different. He says, “The print medium is prejudice. It depicts its views and camouflages the opinions of the general public. The power lies in the hands of a few rich people.” He further adds, “Blogging is definitely the new way of mass communication. It is also better because anyone can share their views about any topic they feel like.” Read on ...

The Diabolic Preacher
“Initially I blogged for limited audience; I normally posted what I learnt in class computerswhile doing my BCA (Bachelor of Computer Application),” says the 25 year old Blogger. He calls himself Diabolic Preacher (DP). “I used to write a summary of what’s being done in class with a link to additional resources.” An IT administrator by profession, this blogger started blogging with the idea of maintaining a log of what was taught in class. Read on ...

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