Blogging as a hobby

Most of the population today consists of either restless individuals or couch potatoes. They want instant stardom or success. The technology has created many lazy bums to even cultivate a hobby. It’s always hard to come out of the comfort zone. But those who break out from their cocoon do go a long way ahead in life.

A hobby is something you do in your free time. That does not mean that you work extra hard to keep a hobby. A systematic time table and a healthy lifestyle are two important things that one should imbibe in oneself. Unless a person realizes the importance of time, a hobby will be very difficult to cultivate.

It is not necessary that your hobby should generate you some extra income. A hobby generally helps one to improve one’s self-esteem. A hobby makes us think and enhance our intelligent quotient. One’s hobby should give that extra mileage to one’s personality. It should guide the individual in the right direction. One should harness its freshness and vitality.

Why not Blogging as a hobby? Blogging will hone your creative cells. Through blogging you would receive daily updates with what’s happening outside as far as your favourite topic is concerned. You would also be able to interact with live readers. A whole new world of excitement will open up; thus giving you a healthy way of passing time.

Today through blogging, one can receive the latest happening in ones’ inboxes. We can freely express our views and thoughts on a common forum. Blogging is an interactive medium that helps you put your point across.

A blog is a webpage consisting of texts and images. It is the easiest way to give your ideas the wings they always deserved.

Blogging is the next best thing that happened after the discovery of internet. So come along and reap the fruits of it.

Keep Blogging!

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  1. Blogging makes a good hobby , no doubt about that - and the best part is - if a hobby pays you monye- there's nothing like it!


  2. You just read my mind completely. For example, many people join blogging and think they are going to become rich overnight. Now, although blogging may start out as a hobby for money, it CAN bring lots of money -- given you stick with it. But you're right -- it should be a hobby to start.

  3. I totally agree with u,
    everybody think their hobby is unique,to start a hobby why not blogging as it has been a trend for our new generation.
    Well done, keep it up.

    Rashi Agarwal.

  4. I blog as a hobby and business. We have several blogs... some take a little more thought and actual work than others, while some are just fun and take no effort what so ever.

  5. I agree with you. I do feel though that the time bloggers put in should turn into some money. On the other hand, if you start blogging as a hobby, the money will come eventually. As long as you stick at it, and bring interesting content to your readers.

  6. Hello;






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